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              Group Introduction

              Greenfresh Group is a hydrocolloid research and production enterprise invested by Hong Kong Green Future Hydrocolloid Marine Technology Co., Ltd. in mainland China, specializing in the development of food hydrocolloids, carrageenan, agar, konjac gum and their compound products. The group has 7 subsidiaries and 2 joint venture companies. The headquarters in mainland is located in Anshan Industrial Park, Zini Town, Longhai City, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province.

              QUALITY CONTROL

              How do we control the quality

              High-precision equipment

              High-precision equipment

              Advanced high-precision equipment, all the production processes are automated, mechanized and standardized

              Selected high-quality raw material

              Selected high-quality raw material

              Selected raw materials, achieved the quality system certification

              Production control

              Production control

              Advanced technology and good quality control during the entire processing

              Professional production management

              Professional production management

              Experienced technical team and professional management, quick response and solving to problems

              Quality control

              Quality control

              Set up a quality inspection team and strict quality control from the product design to final delivery

              Rapid QuotationTechnical Support

              Qualified products delivery

              Dedicated person serving for you!

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              four reasons to choose us

              For speed, find us, for quality, find us!


              Five production bases

              • Annual capacity of carrageenan is 10,000 tons
              • Integrate production, design,R&D and sales
              • Complete equipment bring strong capacity and quality assurance

              Delivery in 0 days

              • Have a professional production system
              • High efficiency and high quality
              • Quantity is with preferential treatment

              Strict quality control

              • More than 99% of the product qualification rate
              • Imported high-quality natural raw materials
              • ISO9001 and ISO22000 management system certification

              Timely handling of consulting

              • Technical support before sales
              • Professional order follow-up report during sales
              • Solve technical problems after sales

              Free service hotline:


              Product customization process

              • Demand
              • Research
              • Plan
              • Contract
              • production
              • Delivery
              • After-sales

              News Center


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